The Jim Rome Move to Instantly Improve Your Sports Talk Ratings

There are two sports talk radio shows I especially enjoy listening to. One is Jim Rome. The other is a local show. I love the content from both shows. However, I’m prone to tuning out the local show.

Why would I do that? Because sometimes the local show buries the main topic under five minutes of small talk. When they do, I change the channel even though I’m otherwise dedicated to the show.

On the other hand, Jim Rome immediately gets to the topic. If I tune in to hear his take on the big story of the day, I don’t have to wait long for him to get right to it.

You have as little as 10 seconds to grab your listeners’ attention.

If listeners like you and know you, they’ll give you up to thirty seconds. If they don’t know like or know you, you have only ten seconds to hook them before they change stations.

Don’t lead a segment with the date, the time, or the news.
Your listeners already know that information. Skip that and get right to the main topic.

Don’t give a phone number at the top of segment.
You haven’t yet given your listeners reason to call.

Within the first ten seconds, engage your audience with the main story.
If you do this, you’ll instantly increase your ratings.

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