Quest for his best takes Barnett to KIMT TV

Improving his job interviewing skills has helped Jerome Barnett to KIMT TV in Rochester, MN as a News/Sports MMJ.

“I made sure to give efficient answers during the interview so that I didn’t end up repeating myself. I think it displayed a self-confidence that I didn’t necessarily exude in previous interviews,” he recalls.

Barnett is a 2022 graduate of the University of Wisconsin. Though he focused largely on sports during his time on the Madison campus, he appreciates that covering news is part of his new role.

“I’ve applied for a lot of jobs and done a lot of interviews, so I know that’s a pretty rare opportunity,” he states.

One thing Barnett has been working on is, as he says, being okay with the possibility that he may not be good at something initially. “I deal with this by remembering instances in which I improved a skill over time. For example, near the beginning of this journalism class I was in last year, it took me over an hour to figure out how to put the camera on the tripod. A couple of months later, my classmates were asking me for advice on how to film their stories.”

Barnett joined STAA during his junior in Madison upon the recommendation of a local sportscaster. “I was doing an informational interview with Jon Arias back in the summer of 2020. He mentioned that STAA was a good place to look for jobs,” Barnett recalls.

He adds, “STAA has made me a lot more comfortable with receiving feedback on my craft.”

Always improving. That describes Barnett — improving his craft and improving his job interview skills. The new opportunity at KIMT is the payoff for Barnett’s quest for his best.

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