Hadnot brings talent, gratitude to KSLA News 12

James Hadnot brings an attitude of gratitude to his sportscasting career. “Every day isn’t promised and every opportunity to do this work is a blessing that everyone is not afforded,” he enthuses.

The people of Shreveport, LA will love Hadnot’s infectious personality. He is the new sports director at KSLA News 12.

Upwardly mobile

Hadnot moves east from San Angelo, TX where he was the radio play-by-play voice of Angelo State University football and basketball. Moving to TV at KSLA allows Hadnot to round out his sportscasting resume. “It gives me the opportunity to do something I wanted to do coming out of college, which was anchor, report, and read highlights for sporting events. It also gives me the chance to be in a larger market, which opens up the door for more opportunities.”

Hadnot graduated from Syracuse in 2017 before earning his Masters at West Texas A&M. One thing he believes was important in his pursuit of the KSLA opportunity was his steadfast belief in himself. “I also made to sure to consistently reach out to people in the field to validate my work. First, you have to believe that you can do it. Then, it’s always good to hear from others in the industry that you are on the right track.”

Help from STAA

Helping Hadnot along the right track has been STAA. He joined in May. “STAA has benefited me in multiple ways, he says. “I received one of my biggest opportunities to date from STAA, which was calling the NJCAA Division I Soccer Championships. Also, I have the opportunity of doing TV play-by-play for football, something I had not done prior to my STAA membership. So, STAA has been extremely helpful in opening doors that I wouldn’t have known of or wouldn’t have been available for if I wouldn’t have had a STAA Membership. Also, I was a finalist for a DI job [through STAA], which is an ultimate goal of mine.”

As Hadnot starts his new job in Shreveport this week, he feels grateful for the opportunity. “When I look back on what I’ve done and what I want to do, I just thank the Lord because it could’ve gone differently for me.”

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