Is this also the reason you chose sports broadcasting?

Kobe Bryant says that one thing he wants to do after basketball is to produce documentaries about successful people. He says the first thing he would ask is why do you do what you do?


Upon hearing that, I stopped to ask myself why I choose sportscasting for a career. The answer I have always told people is that I wanted to get paid to go to games.

If I were featured in one of Kobe’s documentaries, though, he would want me to go deeper. Why did I want to go to games? Well, because I love the energy and athleticism of sports. I love watching people complete. I love the variety of emotions on display.

Being in the sports environment makes me happy.

That is why I chose sportscasting — not so I could go to games, but because doing so makes me happy.

During my career, I would sometimes lament that my monthly four-digit paycheck started with a one. I wish I had thought to remind myself that the reason I chose sports broadcasting was because it made me happy.

Happiness. You can’t put a price on it.

Did you choose sports broadcasting because it makes you happy? Or is your why something different?

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