Humphrey returns to Columbia, MO as ESPN Radio host

(December 5, 2019) Andy Humphrey listened to The Big Show on ESPN 100.5 in Columbia, MO while a student at the University of Missouri. Now, three years after graduating, he is going to be co-hosting the show. An STAA member, Humphrey is joining the station as a sports talk host and play-by-play broadcaster.

“I’ve always been drawn to college sports and have wanted to make that a focal point of my broadcasting career. Getting to cover sports at the Mizzou flagship station is definitely one of the best places to do just that,” Humphrey smiles. “Plus, the familiarity I already have with the station and the community will make it a much more comfortable situation.”

Humphrey is friends with the last three people who have held the position – Ben Wilson, Jeff Parles and Brandon Kiley. The former two are also STAA members. “They helped me gain even more interest in the job and make a connection with the station,” says Humphrey.

A 2016 graduate of Missouri, Humphrey returns to Columbia after two years hosting an air shift and doing play-by-play in Farmington, MO. He has also broadcast professional and summer collegiate baseball.

Humphrey learned of the ESPN opening through STAA. The choice he made when invited to interview via phone or in-person might have helped him land the job.

“It was a bit of a drive and I had to work around my job at the time, but I wanted to show my commitment up front,” Humphrey says. “I think having a face-to-face interaction with the people I would be working with helped me stick out.”

The experience Humphrey gained in Farmington helped him grow personally and professionally.

“Being in small-market radio was tough at first,” Humphrey recalls. “Growing up in a big city, I wasn’t completely used to living in a town with just under 20,000 people, and it took a while to get adjusted. I think after I started actively participating in my community by joining a church, meeting new people and even finding old friends that just happened to live there, it gave me a sense of belonging and even positively impacted my on-air work.

“The ultimate goal for someone my age in small-market radio should be constant improvement, and the way to do that is to make as many connections as you can with the community you are in.”

Humphrey joined STAA after hearing about it from several classmates at Mizzou.

“I joined up with STAA in my final semester of college because I knew I would get the tools and resources to prepare for the job market,” he says. “The techniques and tips on how to format demo materials, cover letters, resumes and everything in-between have played a crucial role in each job pursuit I have made since graduation.

“Both of the last two jobs I have landed came from leads provided by STAA, and being a member has made a direct effect on my advancement in broadcasting.”

Humphrey’s advancement is now taking him back to the city where he spent four years of school.

“In a way, I get to come home,” he grins. “Who doesn’t love that?”

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