How To Make A Good First Impression With A Sportscasting Agent

Most sportscasters think that if they could just get an agent, their career would be made.

I once thought that, too.

When I was at ESPN radio, I finally got an agent who represented a bunch of ESPN guys. While he did help me some, he didn’t set up my career.

Though having an agent does not guarantee of sportscasting stardom, most folks desire representation. With that in mind, how do you get an agent?

How do you make a good first impression with someone you hope will represent you? What do agents need to know about you? What makes them want to find out more?

Show them uniqueness

Be creative in the way you introduce yourself.

Show them personality

You can exhibit your personality on air, on social media, and in your introduction — whether that’s a letter, email, or video.

Show them a healthy social media following

Sportscasters today must be accessible to their audience both on the air and off.

Show them experience

Agents love folks who already have something like ESPN or even ESPN3 on their demo. A demo featuring only high school sports is usually coming from someone lacking enough experience to interest an agent.

Here are two resources featuring additional things you should consider when pursuing representation:

1. The STAA Instagram account has an Instagram live with Steve Herz from the Montag Group. He’ll give you some great insight from an agent’s perspective.

2. This thread about agents on the STAA forums also has helpful information.

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