SCP 10: How to cold contact sportscasting employers

I am a long-time supporter of the cold contact method for finding a sports broadcasting job. Cold contacting is a more efficient plan to get a job versus only applying for published openings.


You don’t have to simply take my word on the effectiveness of cold contacting. Justin Antweil landed his current play-by-play job at Bucknell University by putting together a cold contact plan and following through with his strategy. In this podcast episode Justin shares his strategy and how it lead to Bucknell.

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Among the topics we cover:

  • Why Justin decided to try the cold contact method
  • How to put your target contact list together
  • How many university’s Justin heard back from (the answer may surprise you!)
  • The critical info to include in your first email
  • Why you should persevere in cold contacting, even when you don’t hear back from employers
  • Tips for winning the job interview

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