How To Apply The Classic Personal Growth Book “Think And Grow Rich” To Your Sportscasting Career

Jim Rome once said on his radio show that his dad made him read Napoleon Hill’s classic personal growth book “Think and Grow Rich.” Rome said every dad made his kid read it.

I thought to myself, “Not every dad, because I’ve never even heard of the book!”

Still, I figured if Rome read the book and he’s doing okay, then I would read it, too.

One chapter in Think and Grow Rich is about the major attributes of leadership.

I’ve translated these into six major attributes of sportscasting success.

1. The habit of doing more than you’re paid for

Work beyond your position description. Nobody in sportscasting is unexpendable, but you’ll make yourself harder to get rid of if you do more than is required of you.

2. Pleasing personality

Be easy to get along with. Bob Costas has been renowned for it throughout his career.

3. Mastery of detail

You build something great when you consistently stack small things atop each other. Dodgers’ Broadcaster Joe Davis used to transcribe his broadcasts and study his word choice.

4. Willingness to assume responsibility

Leaders are great at this. If a mistake is made, say it’s your fault even if it isn’t. If it is your fault, own up to it. You look foolish trying to deny it.

Everybody makes mistakes. Learn from them and don’t repeat them.

5. Cooperation

Get along with and help your coworkers. Pitch in when you see something that needs to be done, even if it’s not your job.

6. Ability to organize

Many sportscasters say they wish they had time to do career-improving things, but they’re too busy. This is an admission of inefficiency. If you want to build a great sportscasting career, you have to develop the ability to organize your duties and your time.

Working on your skills is important for sportscasters wanting to move forward. Even more important is working on yourself. These tips from Think and Grow Rich will help you do it.

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