Host Marc Ryan finds great fit at ESPN Upstate in Greenville

“Marc(January 10, 2019) Job seekers sometimes wait days for an employer to confirm receipt of their application, if they hear anything at all. Marc Ryan waited less than one hour for a reply to his application to ESPN Upstate in Greenville, SC. Two months later, Ryan has been hired as the station’s new midday host and assistant program director.

“I saw the posting in an STAA email of course, and something amazing happened,” Ryan recalls. “Literally 20 minutes after I sent my materials, I received a call from the [station] and we had a great 40 minute conversation. It was kind of surreal.”

The station’s quick response was especially unusual because Ryan didn’t know anyone there. “My emailed materials were quite literally a message in a bottle. We spoke again for over an hour a few days later, and I had a good feeling the whole way through. We were on the same wavelength.”

Ryan moves to Greenville from Houston, TX where’s he’s been at part-time host at 610 KILT since 2016. He’s also hosted in Tampa and Atlanta and nationally on CBS Sports Radio Network and the former Sporting News Radio Network. In Tampa he co-hosted with current Monday Night Football personality Booger McFarland.

While Ryan is excited to again have a daily show, the assistant program director responsibilities are also important. “Over the years, I’ve developed an interest in the management side. As of today, I can’t tell you whether I’d rather host or manage ten years from now, but I can share I’m interested in both,” he says.

Ryan has been offered at least one job and been close on several others in recent years. The experiences have taught him a lot. “One of my good friends in the industry, Jeff Pantridge, was a former colleague of mine at 98.7 The Fan in Tampa. He shared something with me a few years ago that really stuck: ‘It only takes one PD to fall in love with you.’ That’s so true.

“I’ve learned not to get hopes up too high on any one possibility. Look at each gig you apply for as just that; a possibility. Teach yourself to remain even keeled through any interview process. The reality is you’ll be ok whether you get the job or not, and a rejection may teach you what’s required to land the next one. Finally, the belief that what’s meant to be will be. An acceptance of that offers peace of mind.”

When applying for ESPN Upstate, Ryan made sure to put his best foot forward. “STAA has helped me hone my cover letter over the years, and that helps — having genuine energy and especially a vision for how I would be able to help this employer. I also provided a list of ways we could market the new show, which seemed to be well received.

“STAA was pivotal in receiving the job offer,” Ryan continues. “I learned of the opportunity before the crowd, I received encouragement from Jon [Chelesnik] throughout, and most importantly he was there to answer critical questions for me when the offer came. He even reviewed my contract for me! Suffice it to say Jon and the service he provides was a critical piece of the process. I wouldn’t want to envision going through the last two months without him.”

Now that the I’s have been dotted and the T’s have been crossed, Ryan is excited to be working in Greenville. “People frequently talk about ‘fit’ at a job. I’ve never interviewed for a position where the fit felt better at this stage,” Ryan smiles.

(Visit Mark’s STAA Talent Page).

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