How Hoosiers landed this guy a sports radio job in LA

Years ago, the program director of a sports radio station in Oklahoma City applied for the same position at a Los Angeles station. Management in LA loved everything about him – his knowledge of the format, his ability to manage personalities, his proficiency working with sales and marketing departments – all of it.

There was just one thing that gave management in LA reservation about hiring him – the huge jump in market size from where he was to where they were.

When the trepidation came up in the interview, the PD replied brilliantly.

“Do you remember in the movie Hoosiers when the kids from Hickory walked into Butler field house?” he asked the LA management team. “Their jaws were on the floor. Gene Hackman asked the players to measure the height of the hoop. It was 10 feet. He told his players that, even though the building was bigger, the game was the same.”

That clever answer earned the PD the job in LA.

In the sportscasting job market, talent is sometimes not enough. It’s called the job “market” for a reason. What are you doing to convince employers that you are the right person for the position?

The next time you apply for a sports broadcasting job, anticipate what the employer’s hesitation might be about hiring you then think about how to overcome it. You can even proactively address it in your cover letter.

Addressing a potential concern before it becomes real might make the difference for you getting your next job.

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