This is the hidden killer in the sportscasting job market

A hidden killer in the job market is attitude. A bad one regularly keeps talented sportscasters from getting great jobs.


I call attitude a hidden killer because most people aren’t aware that their frustrations are evident to employers.

Here are three quick examples I have seen over the years:

  1. An unemployed sportscaster had grown frustrated over his inability to get back into the job market. He was great at getting interviews but failed miserably in those interviews because he failed to hide his frustrations. He didn’t realize his frustrations were displaying in his tone and in his words.
  2. A sportscaster caught the attention of an employer who had an opening and very much liked his work. When they met in person, though, the sportscaster’s “woe is me” attitude over his recent firing killed his candidacy.
  3. A sportscaster was frustrated that employers weren’t “appreciating his ability.” He started lashing out via email to people who didn’t hire him – going so far as to as call them names and question their integrity. Those emails quickly made their way throughout the industry. He hasn’t worked in sports broadcasting since.

It’s like Andre Agassi said in the old Nike commercials – “attitude is everything.”

You can improve your attitude.

  1. Don’t speak negatives
  2. Doing so only gives life to your frustrations and makes a negative impression upon others. Bad thoughts become bad things.

  3. Focus on positives
  4. Post a list on your medicine cabinet of the good things in your life and career. Practice an attitude of gratitude. Good thoughts become good things.

Just like a bad attitude can unknowingly make a negative impression on an employer, a good attitude will do the exact same thing. It might be the final step for you towards your next job.

What are some of the ways you maintain a good attitude during tough career times? Let me know in the comments below!

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