Zinno to host evenings on Atlanta’s Game

“Mark(May 30, 2014) Mark Zinno loves football. In his new gig, he’s going to have plenty of opportunity to talk about it. Zinno has been hired to host evenings on 92.9 The Game in Atlanta.

“I can’t wait to talk college football and SEC football,” Zinno says excitedly. “Right behind the NFL, college/SEC football moves the needle. Certain markets where it isn’t as prevalent, you don’t get the opportunity to discuss it in depth. Atlanta is surrounded by some of the biggest and best college football programs in the country.”

An STAA client since January 2013, Zinno moves to Atlanta from 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore. He started at the station in 2006. Most recently, he has been hosting nightly from 10pm to midnight.

When STAA learned of the opportunity in April, Zinno’s Talent Page was one that they sent to the station. That gave the station access to Zinno’s demo and resume. As it turns out, station PD Terry Foxx was already familiar with Zinno.

“92.9 The Game reached out to me,” says Zinno. “The program director had a connection to Baltimore and followed me as I grew in that market. When the call came, I was ecstatic about the opportunity.”

Both Zinno’s old station and his new one are both owned by CBS.

“92.9 The Game is a 24-hour, all local sports station that dominates the market,” he says. “They are the sports leaders in that city. From a radio standpoint, as a top 10 market, Atlanta is a great opportunity to bring my show to the next level. It is an ideal next step for me personally in my career.

“It’s every football fan’s dream to be surrounded by such great college and professional teams that you can talk about with listeners all year round.”

(Visit Mark’s STAA Talent Page).