Wright leaving KC for Houston

Courtesy of the Kansas City Star

Apparently, there is plenty right with Nick Wright, a Kansas City native and the host of “What’s Wright,” the popular afternoon-drive sports talk show on KCSP (610 AM).

Rumors that he was leaving for “a top-five market” had been circulating for days, but confirmation came Thursday when Houston-based KILT (610 AM) announced that it had hired Wright to replace Marc Vandermeer. He will team will John Lopez on the station’s morning show beginning June 5.

Wright, 27, a Syracuse graduate, had mounted the most substantial challenge yet to rival Kevin Kietzman’s afternoon show “Between the Lines” on WHB (810 AM), which has dominated talk radio for more than a decade.

“Certainly, we wish Nick the very best and we certainly wish that we could have retained him,” KCSP program director Ryan Maguire said. “We had every intention of retaining him and were negotiating in good faith up until the time his contract expired, but he decided he wanted to take his talents elsewhere.”

Wright’s final show will air May 22, but Maguire said the station won’t wait long to fill that afternoon void.

“Turnover is part of any business, including radio,” Maguire said. “But turnover is only a bad thing if you don’t use it as an opportunity to get better, which is exactly what we plan on doing, as is the case any time we make a change. This is not the first time we’ve had a very talented host we were very high on leave. Nick is not first to have stars in eyes and big-city dreams.”

Maguire wouldn’t comment on a potential replacement except to say it would be a co-host format “with multiple strong voices.” He also indicated the door remains open for Wright to return in the future.

“Absolutely, he would be welcomed back,” Maguire said. “There’s no bridges that have been burned.”

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