UH sports voice Branham adding Sports Radio 610 to resume

Jeremy Branham(January 25, 2016) Working a long time for one employer can leave a person to wonder how much their skills might be valued by someone else. Jeremy Branham has found out in a great way. The voice of University of Houston women’s basketball and baseball for the past decade is adding sports talk host and anchor to his resume. An STAA member, Branham is joining Houston’s Sports Radio 610.

When he’s not broadcasting UH athletics, Branham will host a regular weekend shift on 610, fill-in for weekday shows during holidays and vacations, and host various sports update shifts.

“I’m looking forward to the variety the position brings,” says Branham. “I’ve always liked doing a lot, and a lot of different things, so the position fits my personality in that way.”

The Sports Radio 610 opportunity grabbed Branham’s attention because of the station’s reputation in one of the nation’s largest markets. He was also eager to test his value within the industry. “I wanted to see if I could be a commodity to someone,” says Branham. “I’ve been fortunate to be at the same place for a while, but I wanted to branch out and see if someone else thought I was any good.”

Fitting his 610 duties around his UH broadcast schedule shouldn’t be a huge challenge for Branham. “[Station PD] Ryan McCredden has been great,” he says. “Ryan has been very supportive with what I do with UH and seems genuine that he likes that I do it. It’s always a bit scary during the interview process when saying, oh here are days I have commitments, but the station has been great.”

Branham has been an STAA member since 2014. “The STAA services have been a tremendous resource for me,” he says. “For one, it helped me land this job, so that’s something I’m extremely grateful for. It has given me leads on jobs that I was very interested in prior to this one, and I like that it keeps me in the loop of what’s going on in the broadcaster community. STAA makes you feel like you are really part of the industry.”