Tarnawa joining KWOS in Jeff City

Matt Tarnawa(June 26, 2012) Sometimes you try out for pitcher and you end up in center field instead. Matt Tarnawa applied for one job, and then ended up with an offer for a completely different position. An STAA client since 2009, Tarnawa has accepted a job at KWOS in Jefferson City, MO.

“My job at KWOS is going to be primarily news-based, at least for the immediate future, Tarnawa says. “I’ll eventually be anchoring the station’s drive-time news hour, contribute to the website, etc. Everyone’s still kind of learning as they go along here. It’s a brand new position.”

Tarnawa comes to KWOS from KRES in Moberly, MO, where he had a healthy slate of high school play-by-play, news and a daily air shift. While Tarnawa will focus on news for the present, he is hopeful that sports will be added to his responsibilities soon.

“It was a tough choice to leave KRES behind, especially for all the high school sports I’ll miss out on for the near future. But I definitely needed a change, too.”

“Jefferson City is the state capital and nearly four times Moberly’s population, and I’ll be doing work for other stations in our group in Columbia down the road, too. Hopefully, I’ll get involved with sports in some way once I settle in. KWOS does cover Jefferson City Jays athletics and I’d love to get a chance to contribute there.”

The position at KWOS was created after Tarnawa applied for a different opening within the station cluster.

“I actually learned about it because [fellow STAA client] Will Palaszczuk knew there would be a morning show change at another station in his group and said I should apply for it. The PD didn’t think I was the best fit for that, but this job in Jefferson City opened up for me as a result. Once again, the power of networking was on full display!”

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