Stone joins NBC Sports Radio Network

(September 13, 2012) The network may be brand new, but Dave Stone’s new job is a familiar role. An STAA client, Stone has been hired by the new NBC Sports Radio Network as a sports update anchor.

Stone is the third STAA client to be hired by the network in the past month – one as a talk show host and two as sports update anchors. Stone will primarily be responsible for delivering the latest sports news on weekend evenings.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting all the day’s scores and highlights into three minutes at the top of the hour. If I were a just a fan getting into my car, I’d want to know there was somewhere I could go to find out what I had missed. I love being the guy to be able to tell the stories about what had happened that day.

“It’s perfect for me.”

Stone has been an STAA client since 2009. When he learned the network would be based near his home in Los Angeles, Stone expressed interest. When the network asked him to rush his demo to them, he emailed the link to his STAA Talent Page.

From his native Los Angeles, to Georgia and Oregon, Stone’s career has been a cross-country tour of the United States and his adventures include serving as public address announcer for more than 1,400 Harlem Globetrotter performances. In 1991, Stone was working at WVNN-WZYP in Huntsville, AL, when he hired a young Sean Hannity as the Afternoon Drive host.

For all the travel and career highlights, Stone still loves spending his time talking sports.

“There’s little I enjoy more than spending a day talking about sports. More than anything, it’s simply fun,” Stone smiles.

(Visit Dave’s STAA Talent Page).

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