Seeking new challenge, Franck takes Little Rock TV job

Franck-Nick(July 28, 2016) After nearly three years in his first TV sports position, Nick Franck was ready for a new challenge. He’s found it providing sportscasts for five different markets for The Media Gateway in Little Rock, AR.

The Media Gateway has clients in several markets around the country, but the studio is based in Arkansas’ capital city. Franck will anchor and produce sports for stations in Gainesville, FL, Alexandria, LA, Salisbury, MD/DE, Hattiesburg, MS and Medirian, MS.

“This job is a fantastic opportunity to get a lot of reps anchoring and receive exposure in different markets,” says Franck. “We have 7 shows a day in 5 different markets, so time management is going to be crucial. Not being in the city I’m reporting on will be a challenge, but it will force me to be a lot more creative with how I produce and anchor each show.”

Franck is the second STAA member hired by The Media Gateway. Delaney Brey joined the company in September 2014. Franck moves to Little Rock from Duluth, MN, where he started working as a sports anchor/reporter at KQDS Fox 21 shortly after his 2013 graduation from Arizona State University.

“As my 2-year contract in Duluth was coming up, I started looking for new opportunities,” says Franck. “The Media Gateway stuck out to me right away as being a different way to deliver sports. I applied for the gig and received an offer the next week.”

Franck has been an STAA member for three years. “STAA has been huge for my career progression. I’m on my second TV job and I never would have gotten the first without STAA. I don’t know where my career would be without it,” he says.

Franck’s advice to young sports broadcasters is to not fear relocation. “I know it’s hard to move to a place where you don’t know anyone, but don’t let that scare you away from a potential opportunity. It’s only temporary and I guarantee you’ll develop some amazing friendships.”

(Visit Nick’s STAA Talent Page).