Ratick adds UV women’s hoops to busy schedule

(October 26 2017) In a year packed with personal milestones, Logan Ratick is adding one more to the list. Ratick, a 2017 STAA All-American, is the new women’s basketball voice and Sports Information/Media Relations assistant at the University of Vermont.

“It will be the most basketball play-by-play I’ve done in one season so I will have a lot of opportunities to get better and connect with my audience. It is not too far away from my home in Connecticut and I just spent a summer broadcasting baseball across the country.” Ratick grins, “Also, playing in Miami twice this season will be a great reprieve from the cold.”

If there is one reason to attend Syracuse University as an aspiring sportscaster, it’s the potential for relationship building. The ‘Cuse connection, combined with Ratick’s ambition, lead directly to the Catamounts opportunity.

“I knew that the University of Vermont was a starting point for a bunch of Syracuse graduates when I was still in school. During my sophomore year, (fellow STAA member) Kevin Fitzgerald was the UVM women’s basketball broadcaster. Other SU grads such as Mike Couzens have started there as well. While I was looking for basketball jobs this summer, I reached out to Sam Hyman, the men’s basketball broadcaster at UVM, who graduated Syracuse a year before I did. I asked him if the women’s broadcast position would open up and he said yes. Sam told me to get in touch with the right people.”

The seasonal position at UVM leaves Ratick free to continue pursuing baseball opportunities.

“It’s been my goal for a long time to move up to full season baseball. I had a great year with the Idaho Falls Chukars. My boss out there, Kevin Greene, and I agreed that I should look for a A/AA/AAA job and he thinks that I am capable of landing one. I understand some clubs would want me to start early, but the basketball season ends a few weeks before baseball begins.”

“I am good at working remotely and would not want another broadcasting opportunity to be the reason I miss out on a job.”

Ratick is excited to spend the winter getting courtside reps after a season on the diamond.

“I’m passionate about baseball and basketball. They are the sports I want to broadcast for many years. They are my two favorite sports.”