Provus learned silence from Uecker

Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Cory ProvusUnlike his deal in Milwaukee, where he was employed by WTMJ-AM (620), baseball radio broadcaster Cory Provus will by an employee of the Minnesota Twins, not the radio station that carries Twins games, KSTP-AM (1500).

After three years in Milwaukee working Brewers radio broadcasts with Bob Uecker, Provus joined the Twins as the team’s play-by-play announcer. In Milwaukee, he called three innings each game. In Minnesota, he’ll handle all nine innings with analyst Dan Gladden.

We asked Provus what he learned about baseball broadcasting during his time in Milwaukee.

“My college professors hammer you about dead air, that it’s a bad thing,” said Provus, who graduated from Syracuse. “They said there should never be dead air on a broadcast. But Bob taught me that dead air in baseball is sometimes a good thing. He taught me it is important to let the game breathe. Bob is at his best in a ninth inning in a tight game. He is giving all the important details but he is also letting people hear the atmosphere at Miller Park. That’s something I would listen to and just respect and learn from. You give the balls and strikes, the swing. You don’t lose a play. But it’s OK to just not talk and let the sell-out crowd kind of tell a side story.”

Provus said it never entered his thinking that he would take over for Uecker should the legendary broadcaster decide to retire.

“I hope Bob is there for 30 more years,” Provus said. “That really never crossed my mind. It’s kind of a big thing right now in college football – teams hire this coach in waiting. You kind of hear that and see it from time to time. I just would not be comfortable with a clause like that in a contract that I’m the number one in waiting. I just wouldn’t be comfortable with that. I would have had a hard time working with Bob each and every day when he is two feet away knowing hey, the second Bob retires that’s my job. That just does not make for a good work atmosphere. I hope Bob does those games forever. He’s a treasure. He’s a friend. Without his blessing – Bob and I talked numerous times during this process – I don’t know if I would have taken this job. Bob was huge in me getting this job and also encouraging me to take it.”

As he has before, Uecker will play a big role in choosing Provus’ replacement.

“Bob has to work with this person for the majority of the year,” said Brewers spokesman Tyler Barnes. “Given Bob’s experience, we are not going to make any move without Bob having significant input in this. Bob is a terrific judge of talent and character. I don’t know if he will be listening to 200 tapes that we receive, but he certainly be included in the mix as we start narrowing it down. He is a tremendous asset to the process.”

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