Prospecting leads Antweil to Bucknell broadcast team

Justin Antweil(October 14, 2014) Even though he’s been busy behind the mike, STAA client Justin Antweil hasn’t had the opportunity to call college athletics since he graduated from the University of Miami three years ago. That will change this fall. Antweil has joined the broadcast team at Bucknell University.

“In addition to broadcasting the home and road women’s basketball games, I’ll be broadcasting numerous other Bucknell sporting events played on campus,” Antweil says. “These events, which include field hockey, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, water polo, baseball and lacrosse, will be broadcast via Bison Vision (a free video web stream) that’s part of the Patriot League Network.”

Antweil is based in New York, so when he unearthed the opportunity at Bucknell, he hoofed it over to the nearby Pennsylvania campus so Bucknell officials could match a face to his name.

“Seeking to return to college sports, I sent demo tapes and my resume to a plethora of Athletic Directors and Broadcast Coordinators across the country. After Bucknell responded positively, I decided to use one of my rare off days to visit the campus in order to express my desire to be part of the Bison family.”

Also helpful to Antweil’s situation was the fact that he and his potential new boss already shared an affiliation—both are STAA clients.

“STAA clients are a close-knit family and fraternity. Bucknell’s Radio & TV Coordinator Doug Birdsong is an STAA client so when we met face to face, we already had a strong bond and something in common.”

Antweil has been the broadcaster for the Somerset Patriots (Atlantic League) for three seasons. He has also broadcast a variety of high school sports on Verizon FiOS1 in the New York and New Jersey area. The high school experience has been valuable, but Antweil is excited to be back in the college game.

“I love the passion of Division One College Athletics. I relish the opportunity to work for a team and build relationships with coaches and student-athletes throughout the season.”

(Visit Justin’s STAA Talent Page).

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