Networking lands Tait AA M-Braves job

(February 24, 2011) Networking has helped Kyle Tait launch his career at a level uncommon for most recent college grads. An STAA client, Tait has been hired as play-by-play broadcaster for the Mississippi Braves. The Braves are the Class AA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Tait replaces Ben Ingram, who is leaving to join the Atlanta Braves post game show.

“I’m lucky,” Tait says. “It kind of fell into my lap.”

Tait’s modesty is admirable, but it was anything but lucky that Tait earned this opportunity. Throughout his four years broadcasting Georgia Tech baseball while a student at the school, Tait always networked and solicited the opinions of professionals about his work.

“Networking has been huge,” Tait says. “Working at Georgia Tech. I got to know Wes Durham. He put me in touch with someone who works in minor league baseball, who put me in touch with [Tennessee Smokies broadcaster] Mick Gillispie, who put me in touch with Ben Ingram. In this business it’s all about networking which is how it all came about.”

By getting to know Ingram, Tait earned the opportunity to fill-in for him on a Braves broadcast last summer. He obviously made a great impression because as soon as the team learned they were going to need a new broadcaster for the coming season, they called Tait.

A 2010 graduate of Georgia Tech, Tait is currently pursuing his Masters at Georgia State University, also in Atlanta.

“I’m fresh out of college and guys my age don’t generally get Double-A jobs, so it’s a huge honor for me to be named to a Double-A position without any prior minor league baseball experience. It’s a reward for the hard work I’ve put into Georgia Tech baseball.

“I’ve gotten a lot of help from Ben, Mick and STAA client Stu Paul. I could go down the list of people who have listened to my tape and helped me develop my sound. It’s paying off sooner than I expected but I’m pleased with it.”

In his new gig, Tait won’t be distracted by media relations or sales responsibilities. It will be 100% play-by-play.

“It might sound crazy but I’m actually looking forward to the schedule of 140 games in 152 days,” Tait says. “That’s minor league baseball at its finest and I’m actually looking forward to it. I find myself during Georgia Tech’s off-season with not a lot to do. Its funny, today is an off-day for Georgia Tech baseball and I’m sitting here thinking ‘I wish I was calling a game today.” I’m looking forward to the everyday grind and getting to watch some of the top prospects and getting to know those guys as well.”

Tait also appreciates the help of STAA.

“Thank you for all the stuff that STAA has done for me,” he says. “It’s really helped me out — the eBlasts, talking to [STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik and also just being able to find guys like Stu Paul. It has all been extremely helpful. It’s been worth every penny.”