Messersmith joins San Antonio show

Eric Messersmith(November 9, 2012) When Eric Messersmith joined 1250 ESPN in San Antonio in June, he started out as a reporter, producer, fill-in talk host, and an update anchor. Now, following a promotion, Messersmith will be hosting a show every day.

Messersmith is reuniting with Ari Temkin, with whom he worked several years ago at KRES/KWIX/KIRK in Moberly, MO. The duo will be hosting “The Hardline with Ari Temkin and Eric Messersmith.”

“I am so excited to be hosting a daily sports show. When I filled in on the show in recent months I really enjoyed the rush of being on and talking about all the different issues of the day. It is incredibly challenging and rewarding,” Messersmith says.

“I also like that we get to take the show on the road from time to time. This summer we went to Cowboy camp in California and Texans camp in Houston. In December we will be broadcasting from Philly for the Army-Navy game and next year we are going to broadcast from New Orleans the week of the Super Bowl.”

Messersmith was at KRES/KWIX/KIRK for four years when Temkin hired him at 1250 ESPN.

“Ari had been co-hosting a show in Austin for the same company that owns the station here in San Antonio (Border Media). Earlier this year he was hired as assistant program director for 1250 ESPN. In June he brought me on board.”

The new show started on Monday, November 5th. It airs from 2 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can listen online at

(Visit Eric’s STAA Talent Page).

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