Lifelong Notre Dame fan Burnett now covering the Irish

One of Indiana native Austin Burnett’s earliest memories as a Notre Dame fan is Brady Quinn’s game-winning touchdown pass to Jeff Samardzija to beat UCLA in 2006. “I remember the stadium was literally shaking from how loud it was after that touchdown,” Burnett smiles.

The next time Notre Dame Stadium shakes, Burnett will be there to cover it. He has joined ABC 57 in South Bend as a sports reporter/photographer.

“This is a great opportunity for me to improve my videography and editing skills while covering one of the most legendary universities in the country,” Burnett enthuses.

Discovered on YouTube

The opportunity came when a station executive called Burnett after seeing his reel on YouTube. “They saw I had a 574 area code, which is the area code here in South Bend/Michiana. We set up an interview the next day and I was hired that next day!”

Though he grew up in the Hoosier State, Burnett attended college at Arizona State. His first job after graduation was in Odessa, TX. Now he’s heading home.

“One of many things I’m looking forward to [doing] is the ABC57 Saturday Kickoff show. It’s a two-hour show previewing Notre Dame’s game with feature stories, live reporting, fun segments and sound from players and coaches. And we will also talk sports betting and the bets relevant to Notre Dame football.

“I’m also looking forward to reporting live on the road at Notre Dame football away games and getting to shoot the game on the field. I’m looking forward to covering every other Notre Dame sport as well!”

Faith and patience

Burnett says one thing that helped his pursuit of the job was keeping strong in his faith. He then adds, “And staying persistent in applying for sports journalism jobs for 12 months knowing that I love what I do and this is what I’m passionate about!

“Being patient was 110% the hardest part, but man it paid off!”