Late application benefits Corbet

“Dylan(June 28, 2017) Dylan Corbet is beginning his full-time sportscasting career in a North Dakota town named after the English birthplace of the sport of rugby. An STAA member, Corbet is joining Rugby Broadcasters, Inc. as a Sports Director.

Rugby Broadcasters owns two stations, KZZJ AM 1450 and KKWZ 95.3 FM, providing Corbet with plenty of opportunity to earn a range of experience. His duties will include high school play-by-play, on-air shifts, social media and website coordination, and sales.

“I get to continue doing play-by-play while also gaining incredible experience with everything that comes with small market radio,” Corbet smiles. “I will gain experience with on air shifts as well as sales, which is something I am extremely looking forward to.”

Job market wisdom recommends applying early, but in this case Corbet found truth in the adage, “better late than never.”

“Whenever I see a job that seems like a good fit, I flag it in my inbox with the intent of applying in the near future. When I received notification of this particular job in North Dakota, I immediately marked it, but didn’t end up sending out a cover letter until a month or two later (I was focusing on finishing up my degree at the time),” Corbet explains.

“Less than a week after sending out the cover letter, I received an email from Lila Harstad with the intent of scheduling a phone interview.”

Corbet first discovered the open position in an STAA job leads email.

“My STAA membership is so useful because it actually finds and sends you the jobs you are looking for in the sports media world that you could not easily find without STAA’s help.”

He also credits a solid cover letter with the assist in landing the job in Rugby.

“Following STAA’s recommendations for writing a cover letter has been superbly useful in the job searching process and definitely helped me land this particular job.”

A recent graduate of Bradley University, Corbet’s previous experience includes a season as the broadcast assistant for the Peoria Chiefs, high school play-by-play for Morton Potter Television, and play-by-play for BU.

(Visit Dylan’s STAA Talent Page).