Hofstra grad Mayer gets show on 970 ESPN in Michigan

“Ryan(December 11, 2013) At Hofstra University, Ryan Mayer was mentored by one of the most well respected sports broadcasting teachers in the country. Mayer has parlayed the experience into a a job as Sports/News Director at 970 AM ESPN in Marquette, MI.

Among other things, Mayer will cohost a daily afternoon sports talk show, a high school football and basketball show, a pre-game show and a Saturday morning coaches show. “I’m going to be able to hone my skills as a talk show host while also being responsible for the programming of the station and the overall direction of the show moving forward,” says Mayer.

A 2013 graduate of Hofstra University, Mayer’s mentors include Hofstra professor and retired sportscaster Ed Ingles. While in school, Mayer gained considerable broadcasting experience on the campus radio station. Since the start of this year, he has been working as a sports voice over talent in New York.

In Marquette, Mayer will be replacing former STAA client Casey Ford. Station General Manager Tom Mogush used STAA when hiring Ford six years ago. When Ford left to pursue a career outside the sports broacasting industry, Mogush contacted STAA again.

“After we emailed the position description to our clients, Tom asked me about a handful of the people who had applied,” says STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik. “Ryan stood out on that list as being a great fit for what Tom was looking for.”

“The link to my STAA talent page was really what exhibited to Tom what I am able to do as a sportscaster and the kind of product that I put out,” says Mayer.

“I’m especially looking forward to expanding and reaching new heights with 970 AM ESPN. There’s a lot of opportunity to do new things that haven’t been done before here and that to me is exciting.

“Thank you [to STAA] for all of your help during the course of the job hunting process!”