Doty scores DI hoops gig at Ole Miss

Graham Doty(October 17, 2011) Not only is Graham Doty getting the opportunity to broadcast major college basketball at his alma mater, but he is also going to be doing it in his hometown. An STAA client, Doty has been named play-by-play voice for University of Mississippi women’s basketball.

“I’m very excited,” Doty grins. “I’m from Oxford and went to school at Ole Miss. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and now to actually have the opportunity is very, very exciting.”

An STAA client since 2009, Doty graduated from Ole Miss in 2010. He learned about the job through a phone call from STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik. Doty then reached out to some of his contacts in the Ole Miss athletic department, including Rebels football and basketball voice David Kellum. Eventually, Doty was offered a meeting with TeleSouth, the rights-holder for Ole Miss broadcasts.

“It seemed so easy,” Doty says. “I had talked to them on the phone once or twice but had communicated mostly through email. They said ‘we have to get the blessing of the university [before hiring you]. We sent them your [STAA Talent Page] and the women’s Athletic Director Lynette Johnson will listen to it. Then we’ll wait to hear back from her.”

Just a few days later, Doty received a call from TeleSouth. He had received the approval of Ole Miss.

“They wanted to get someone who really wanted to do this,” Doty says.

Doty says his STAA Talent Page played an important role in landing the Ole Miss job. “I can’t tell you just how important and just how helpful it is to have the Talent Page and not have to fool around with having to put it on a CD and try to mail it to people. It is so easy to just email a person and say ‘here is a link to my demo and resume and everything you need. To me, that is a huge deal. You do it quickly and it is right there in front of them.”

The Lady Rebels’ season fits nicely into Doty’s broadcast schedule. He is currently broadcasting football in Mississippi for Hines Community College and Jackson Prep high school. He spent this past summer as a broadcasting and media assistant with the Mobile BayBears and plans to continue in minor league baseball next summer.

One aspect of the Ole Miss job about which Doty is especially excited is the travel. “I get to go to UMass. I’ve never been there before. I also get to go to Miami and the usual SEC locations. I’ve been to every SEC school except Florida, so I’m excited I get to go to Gainesville for the first time.”

(Visit Graham’s STAA Talent Page. Graham has also had his demo & resume constructed by STAA).