Creativity lands Hall at WBNS

Tim Hall(October 3, 2012; Written by Tim Hall) It’s a funny thing really. There’s lots of places you dream of working, and when I first saw in my e-mail that they were looking for an update anchor/sports talk host at 97.1 The Fan in Columbus I almost immediately knew that would be the place I would end up.

It didn’t happen overnight. I used a trick of mine to make the PD remember me, one that goes beyond just sending the simple link with your cover letter, audio and resume. It must have worked because after they promoted from within to fill the job I originally applied for, Jay Taylor (PD) came back and asked me if I’d be interested in a different position.

Of course I was interested in hearing about it. We began exchanging e-mails, we had a few lengthy phone calls, and after every step I kept getting positive feedback. I had a feeling that I was going to be the guy.

Eventually they flew me out to Columbus and Jay personally gave me a tour of the city, the studios, and he introduced me to the staff. And by the time he drove me back to the airport he had given me a verbal offer. A couple days later we worked out the terms and I was officially on my way to Columbus.

I’m going to be the producer of the afternoon drive-time show “Common Man and The Torg” from 3-6. It’s great for me because I’m stepping into what is already a proven successful show that’s killing it in the ratings. And one of the enticing things about joining this station aside from how well its doing as a whole is the opportunity I’ll be given to move up from within.

I can’t even explain how excited I am to land this opportunity. A lot of people may not know but it’s one of the top performing local sports stations in the country. The facilities are as nice as I’ve seen in ANY market. I’d compare the quality of equipment, studio and office space to Top 5 markets. Overall it’s going to be a nice step forward in my career and I’m stoked about it. I’m very appreciative of Jay Taylor for bringing me in and I can’t wait to get to work with the talented staff they have there.

(Visit Tim’s STAA Talent Page).

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