Barnett stays in Rangers chain, onto Myrtle Beach

“Nathan(December 17, 2013) There is a difference between networking and networking genuinely. Nathan Barnett appreciates the difference, and that understanding has led him to his next sportscasting job. An STAA client, Barnett is the new Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.

The Pelicans are the Class-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. Ironically, Barnett joins Myrtle Beach from the Ranger Double-A affiliate, the Frisco Roughriders, where he spent last season as a broadcasting and media assistant.

“Becoming a lead broadcaster for an affiliated minor league team has been my goal since I graduated college in 2011, so I am thrilled at the opportunity,” Barnett smiles. “To be going to an organization like the Pelicans makes reaching that goal that much sweeter; I am extremely grateful and excited to work for a team in the Greenberg Sports Group and with the ambitious and hard-working staff in place in Myrtle Beach.

Pelicans Senior Director of Community Development Jen Borowski was in charge of the hiring process. When the position opened, it was suggested by another team that she contact STAA for assistance. STAA, in turn, sent the job lead exclusively to its clients. Barnett, though, was already ahead of the game through his own networking.

“I heard from another broadcaster that the Pelicans previous broadcaster might not be going back for the 2014 season,” says Barnett. “Around the same time, I attended an event where Chuck Greenberg was a featured speaker. I spoke with him and the GM of their sister team, the State College Spikes, independently during the same week, but prior to, the job opening publicly. By the time the job was sent out by STAA, I already had my name in the proverbial hat through a couple of different people.”

Barnett suggests that being a tenacious, yet genuine networker is key in the sportscasting job market. “Networking is extremely time-consuming when done right,” he says. “Always be looking to meet the next person and do everything you can to make yourself memorable (in positive ways of course). You have to work hard at it yet truly enjoying doing it or people will see through your efforts as fake. If you can’t enjoy talking to and getting to know new people, you are going to have a hard time continuing to find work. Help others. When you treat people right, they will want to turn around and help you whenever they can in the future.”

Another suggestion from Barnett, specifically for minor league baseball broadcasting job seekers, is to diversify their skill set. “Learn how to do anything and everything so that, no matter the opening, you are ready for what the next job will ask of you. That includes sales. Sell, sell, sell! You will make yourself extremely valuable to any team, and you will learn how to sell yourself.”

(Visit Nathan’s STAA Talent Page).