Anderson finds TV play-by-play gig

Rhett Anderson(May 17, 2013) Rhett Anderson’s play-by-play experience has all been in radio, until now. An STAA client, Anderson recently joined CPTV Sports (Connecticut Public Television) as a play-by-play broadcaster for local college and high school teams.

CPTV covers several Connecticut colleges, including Hartford, Yale, Central, and Post, in addition to many high schools. The station also broadcasts the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun, New Britain Rock Cats baseball, and the Connecticut Soccer League.

A 2012 graduate of Yale, Anderson says the CPTV opportunity offers multiple benefits. “A) I will be able to continue to get reps calling games, and experience is something I consider to be one of the most important factors. B) I will get to do something new – be on TV. My previous experience has all been in radio. TV experience will enhance my resume and expand my skill set.”

The CPTV opportunity came to Anderson as the result of a cold call. “When I called CPTV, the station director picked up the phone. We spoke for a couple minutes and I emailed them my tape and resume; they liked my stuff and wanted to meet me. In the interview we talked about their needs and my goals, and we decided it’s a good fit.”

Anderson’s advice to other sports broadcasting job seekers is to be professional at all times. “How you present yourself speaks volumes about the character you will bring to an organization – how you speak, how you address others, your punctuality, your work ethic, how you prepare for games, your dress, how you work with colleagues, etc. This doesn’t mean don’t enjoy yourself — but do it in a professional way.”

Another important thing Anderson has learned is to stay in touch with industry contacts. “Not only reach out and make initial contact, but then follow up periodically — ask good questions, ask for advice, update them on your progress, ask for referrals. Use your best judgment in deciding when and how to follow up (you can have too much of a good thing!) but always follow up consistently.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity [at CPTV] and I’m fortunate that things have lined up the way they have.”

(Visit Rhett’s STAA Talent Page).

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