Allison Hayes exits Fox 28 South Bend

Courtesy of Fox 28

Allison-HayesIt is hard for me to believe that this is my last show as the weekend sports anchor here at FOX 28. In 9 years, there have definitely been some memorable moments. Here’s a look back at some of the stories that I will always remember.

When I got hired at FOX 28, they told me “Oh, by the way, you’re going to play golf on TV.” As you can see, I was really nervous in my first Golf Challenge. I whiffed and Dean showed it. While I may not have improved much, at least I never missed again.

Sports Extra has been an evolutionary process. I will never forget Mishawaka’s historical win over Penn in 2009, or the support fans showed me last season. The Highlight of the Year is something we were proud to be apart of.

Covering Notre Dame has been awesome. Skylar Diggins staying in South Bend and 3 consecutive Final Fours in basketball… and the changing of the guard in football. The firing of Tyrone Willingham, the hiring AND firing of Charlie Weis and the run to the National Championship with Brian Kelly.

But the most important aspect of this job has never been just the game, it’s the people.

I will remember Christina Rotering and the Oregon-Davis team honoring their friend… Ashley Derrickson making a basket after her battle with cancer… Cameron Beaver from Edwardsburg cheering for his brother even though he couldn’t see him play… Tyler Allman experiencing Notre Dame football while fighting Battens Disease.

Of course, along the way, Dean Huppert has been right by my side. Teaching and mentoring me, helping me to become a better journalist. There is no better person to learn from.

And finally, my own personal journey. I have grown and matured so much. I shared the birth of my daughter, Emery….and my first Mother’s Day… and I appreciate the support you’ve shown me through the loss of my husband.

Thank You.

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