All-American Brierre joining WRIC 8 in Richmond

“Chip(May 22, 2014) May has been a huge month for Chip Brierre. First, he was named the third most outstanding collegiate sports broadcaster in the country in STAA’s annual All-America program. Just days after that, he graduated from the University of Miami. Now, Brierre has his first post-graduate gig. An STAA client, he is joining WRIC 8 News in Richmond, VA as a sports anchor/reporter.

If all of that isn’t exciting enough, Richmond is Brierre’s hometown.

“We all assume coming out of college that we have to leave our comfort zone and go to a small market in the middle of nowhere to break into the business and be successful,” says Brierre. “The fact that I don’t have to do that, while still being challenged to produce great stories, segments and performances in a solid market, makes this even more satisfying and motivating for me to use each opportunity as a chance to grow as a broadcaster from the comforts of my hometown.”

Upon receiving the offer, the first phone call Brierre made was to his parents. “[They have] had my back from Day 1,” he says. “They have given me so many chances to create my own destiny and be successful.

“They were beaming with pride and support over the phone when I told them the great news.”

Prior to accepting the WRIC job, Brierre was a candidate at several other stations across the country. Polite persistence is one way he is able to differentiate himself in the job market.

“You don’t want to come across as needy, but you also don’t want to seem indifferent about whether or not you get the job,” Brierre advises. “Don’t constantly ask, ‘how is the process going.’ Instead, email every now and then revealing something unique about you or something you can provide if they hire you.”

Brierre credits STAA with helping him further understand some of the subtleties of the job market. “School taught me to an extent, but the resources at your disposal through [STAA] are remarkably helpful and informative. Take full advantage of them, and I know without a doubt it will put you in a favorable position to land the job you want.”

(Visit Chip’s STAA Talent Page).

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