Hard work pays off with sweet job for Robinson

Mason Robinson(May 31, 2013) Mason Robinson contacted more than 100 employers in his search for a baseball play-by-play job. Finally, his efforts paid off. An STAA client, Robinson has been hired as the Communications Coordinator, No. 2 Broadcaster and pre and post game host for the Walla Walla Sweets baseball club.

The Sweets play in the summer collegiate West Coast League. Robinson will be working alongside market radio veteran Howard Hoffman.

“This position provides a fantastic opportunity for getting my feet wet and learning the day-to-day operations of the minor league baseball world,” says Robinson. “I have plenty of experience on the college level, but the amount of responsibility that comes with this position will build me up toward reaching the next level in my career.”

The opportunity came about for Robinson through good old-fashioned effort. “Plain and simple — I emailed and/or called every single ‘A’ level and independent league team for which I could find an email address or phone number. I sent my demo and resume in more than 100 emails to see what would stick.”

Robinson spoke with more than 88 teams across the country before landing an interview with the Sweets. “It ended up being what I consider the perfect gig for me.”

In addition to the play-by-play, Robinson is especially excited to host an interview segment called the Sweet Scoop. “It’s a pre- and post-game interview video to post online, and team executives have encouraged and allowed me the freedom to make this and any multimedia projects uniquely my own. It will be challenging, but I have a chance to make it something great and truly notable.”

A 2012 graduate of Texas State University, Robinson has been an STAA client since January.

“The [STAA] job bank clearly provides a great understanding of where available jobs are,” says Robinson. “Once I mastered that process, I came to appreciate the tutorials and advice from STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik. Being able to contact him directly for advice and input was valuable toward understanding the job search. Online chats about ‘how to win the job’ with good interview techniques helped tremendously. In fact the same strategies I learned through Jon’s chats were more helpful than anything I learned in college, and certainly applying those skills to my interview with the Walla Walla Sweets ultimately aided in landing the job.”

(Visit Mason’s STAA Talent Page).

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