Harab moving from small market to network radio

Matt Harab(June 28, 2016) After less than two years in York, NE in his first full-time radio job, Matt Harab is moving to a national network. An STAA member, Harab is joining Yahoo! Sports Radio.

Harab got the job after YSR COO and PD Craig Larson asked STAA’s Jon Chelesnik for recommendations. “Matt has always impressed me as someone who consistently works hard, has ability, is coachable and is eager to improve. I thought he would be a good fit for what Craig Larson was looking for,” says Chelesnik.

At YSR, Harab will be doing a little bit of everything. “I will start with a training period which includes meeting producers and getting familiar with the environment,” he says. “Eventually it will blend into fill-in roles within shows and, come football season, my own show.”

Harab moves to YSR’s Houston, TX headquarters from York, NE where he spent the past 21 months as news and sports director at a local radio group. He is a native of the Washington D.C. area.

“Coming from outside D.C. to York was awesome,” he says. “Professionally it allowed me to do everything – news, sports, play by play, reporting, anchoring, hosting, severe weather coverage, website, social media. Personally it stretched me out of my comfort zone and made me figure out who I was as a person.

Harab recommends that all young broadcasters start by working full-time in a small market. “It will give you skills and experiences you cannot get starting part-time in big markets. I have learned so much about different cultures and the business in under two years.”

In recent months, Harab has also learned about the sportscasting job market, especially as it pertains to cover letters. “Cover letters are the key to the door of communication with an employer,” he says. “I was so bad at them until I deleted my ‘template’ cover letter from my computer. There is no template. Experience may be the same with each one, but what you convey to the employer in the first paragraph about why you want to work for THEM is how you get the attention of your possible future boss. Be different. Don’t be lazy. Take a risk. Do your research.”

YSR is the second job that Harab has attained since becoming an STAA member in 2014. “STAA is the reason I am in this business,” he says. “They provide job leads yes, but another big thing is the STAA Talent Page for employers to see [my demo and resume]. I have had many employers tell me how easy my page was to follow.

“Even more important is the customer service. [CEO] Jon Chelesnik answers all emails in a timely manner. [Digital Content Manager] Melodie updates your page when needed, and most importantly Jon will give it to you straight. No B.S., which is awesome because sometimes you need to be told how to do something differently.

“As long as you have a goal, STAA will do their best to help you achieve it.”

(Visit Matt’s STAA Talent Page).

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