Greene stays regional, joins Montana’s KRTV-TV

Greene-Brenna(May 28, 2014) When Brenna Greene woke up one recent Friday morning, KRTV-TV in Great Falls, MT was not on her radar. By the following Monday morning, the station had offered her a job. An STAA client, Greene is joining KRTV and the Montana Television Network as Weekend Sports Anchor.

A recent graduate of Gonzaga University, Greene was the nation’s 9th-ranked collegiate sportscaster in STAA’s 2014 All-America rankings.

“Once I was called about this job it just all fell into place,” says Greene.

“This job came about because my soon-to-be News Director [Joel Lundstad] found me on STAA. He contacted Jon Chelesnik, who contacted me, and by the end of that day I had already had an interview.”

Chelesnik picks up the story from there. “In April, I had sent Joel a list of candidates for another position. When this latest opportunity arose, he went back to that list and found Brenna. That is when he asked me to put him in touch with her.”

‘I was applying [for jobs] for about two months prior to graduation, and I figured to have at least another month or so of applying after that,” says Greene. “My plan was to return home once my lease was up at Gonzaga and figure out what my next step was. All of the pieces of the puzzle came together perfectly.”

At Gonzaga, Greene gained experience in a variety of roles, from studio hosting, to sideline reporting and commentary. She also served three sportscasting internships while in school.

Greene’s roots are deep in the Northwest United States. She grew up in Portland, OR before earning her degree from Gonzaga. Great Falls is less than six hours from the Spokane campus. It’s also a fantastic sports community.

“Great Falls is home to several high schools with excellent athletic traditions, a Pioneer League baseball team, and an American West Hockey League,” says Greene. “In addition, Great Falls is three hours away from both Bozeman and Missoula, which means I will get to do University of Montana and Montana State University football and basketball highlights on the weekends. It is also an hour away from Helena, where Carroll College is located.”

Staying relatively close to Spokane is another perk for Greene. “My time at Gonzaga has been incredible and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The fact that I am only six hours away from the place I call home is very exciting to me. The majority of my friends are also in Seattle or Portland, which is just a quick plane ride away.

“Thank you so much for all of [STAA’s] help and advice! I wouldn’t be here without you!”

(Visit Brenna’s website).

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