Challenge helps sportscaster cope with part-time work

Paul Bulkley once had a full-time sports broadcasting career. He’s called play-by-play for Weber State University, Dixie State College and Salt Lake Community College. He’s also been a sports director and talk show host. Today, he is a full-time high school teacher who occasionally does play-by-play on the side. Sometimes he laments that he’s no longer on the air full-time, but a new outlook is helping him to be grateful for what he has instead of regretting what he doesn’t.

In December, I issued a challenge for sportscasters to express gratitude for their careers for 90 straight days.

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The thought is that, by doing so, you will change your mindset. Fake a positive attitude until it becomes natural, then watch as your life changes for the better. Bulkley accepted the 90 Day Challenge, sharing his gratitude daily in a thread on the STAA forums.

Why He Did it

paul bulkley“I accepted the 90 Day Challenge in order to create some change in my life,” says Bulkley. “I was at a point where I wanted to feel better about what I was doing in the classroom as well as in my career as a broadcaster.”

Sportscasting Career Challenges

The constant travel and occasional relocation that typify the sportscasting lifestyle were manageable for Bulkley. For his wife Liz and their four children though, it was becoming increasingly difficult. Bulkley knew that stepping away from full-time sports broadcasting was the right choice for his family. However, just because it was right doesn’t mean it was easy.

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“One of the most challenging things was letting go of my sportscasting career so I could become a teacher,” says Bulkley. “I have not fully let my broadcasting career die, but it has taken a back burner so that I can provide for my family. Traveling and moving from one city to another has also been a challenge. With four children, it is not always easy for them or my wife to adjust.”

The Results

Upon completing STAA’s 90 Day Challenge, Bulkley gained insight into himself and into the world of appreciation. “When you appreciate yourself you have more value in yourself. In other words, you see yourself as more valuable to the group or organization, thus you are able to place more value within others. It becomes a win win situation.”

“My mindset is more positive and more upbeat since I took on the 90 Day Challenge. I look for more ways to show appreciation towards others and I feel better about myself because of it.”

Another benefit of the challenge for Bulkley is being featured in an STAA blog post. Not that it is some kind of great honor, but it is exposure and it’s something that would not have happened had he not accepted The Challenge.

“The Challenge helped me focus on doing what was best for my family rather than what was best for me. It also helped me understand that I can be great teacher and have my broadcasting career on the side.”

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