Grant to broadcast Bellingham baseball

“Dave(February 4, 2014) Dave Grant’s sports broadcasting career has been following a northward path, up the west coast. Next stop, Washington state. An STAA client, Grant is the new voice baseball of the Bellingham Bells.

The Bells are members of the West Coast League. “I am very grateful to be calling the action for a really reputable summer collegiate baseball team in Bellingham and look forward to the future,” says Grant.

Grant’s play-by-play career began in Southern California at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. He is currently broadcasting a variety of sports for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The opportunity to pack in more than fifty game reps over the course of the two and a half month collegiate summer season is invaluable for a young career.

“This is very similar to minor league baseball, where there is a continuous flow of broadcasts on a consistent basis,” says Grant. “It also affords me the opportunity to work in a reputable front office and grow not only my resume and experience, but the Bells broadcasting experience as well.”

Grant applied immediately after receiving notification of the Bells opening through STAA’s job emails. Vigilance and early application is a practice he highly recommends if you’re on the hunt.

“Do not wait to apply and be aggressive. The sooner the better. This was something that Jon Chelesnik stresses on a regular basis, and trust me- it works. The longer you wait, the more applicants become interested. Get your foot in the door early– it’s easy to say and even easier to do.”

Grant is also an advocate of self-critiques as a way to improve, ultimately making yourself a more marketable broadcaster.

“Listen to game tapes. Make your own critiques about your broadcasts. You will learn so much about yourself as a broadcaster this way. Plenty of fans and listeners will tell you good things about your call, but very few will be completely honest. This is where your critique comes in. Be critical of yourself. Trust me, you will have better calls down the road because of this simple, yet tricky, advice.

“I want to STAA Talent for providing this opportunity to me. I will continue to count on STAA for the future of my broadcasting career.”

(Visit Dave’s STAA Talent Page).

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