4 Practical Keys to Getting a Better Baseball Job

Each spring, many baseball broadcasters lament returning to the same positions they held the previous season versus moving up the minor league ladder.

Sometimes, it’s a numbers game. Many broadcasters; Few opportunities. Other times it’s because the person didn’t do all they could to increase their chance for promotion.

Here are four things you can do this baseball season to help you move up next summer.

1. Meet people

A minor league baseball broadcaster I know said he “didn’t really meet” any of the other broadcasters in his league last season.

It’s likely that your success in baseball is going to be based more on who you know than what you know. Take advantage of opportunities you have to not only meet the other broadcasters in your league but also the general managers. They are the people who you’ll want to be hiring you in the future.

2. Improve your media relations

If you’ve worked in minor league baseball, you know that most teams place greater value on media relations over broadcasting skills. Get better at your media relations.

Just like you ask pros to critique your play-by-play, ask them to critique your recaps, press releases and game notes. Make sure you are improving your writing skills and the organization, content and presentation of what you are producing.

3. Improve your graphic design

Graphic design is a large part of most media relations jobs in minor league baseball. Ask other medial relations pros for tips, tricks and advice. Get on YouTube. There are all kinds of wonderful tutorials for the various graphic design programs you might need to use. Make sure you are improving those skills.

4. Polish your play-by-play

Ask other people for critiques but also listen with a critical ear to your own work. You will be your harshest critic. You’ll pick up on little things that other people won’t.

Listen in the car or on the team bus. You have nowhere else to be and nothing else to do. You’ll be a captive audience.

Doing these four things this baseball season will improve your chances for moving up next year. 

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