Gellman-Chomsky new Threshers voice

Ben Gellman(February 4, 2013) A trip to baseball’s Winter Meetings has paid off for Ben Gellman-Chomsky. An STAA client, Gellman-Chomsky has been hired as the play-by-pay broadcaster by the Clearwater Threshers. He will also assist with media relations.

The Threshers are the Class-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.

After spending last season in a short season league, Gellman-Chomsky is grateful for the additional reps that come with a longer longer season. He is also excited to expand his off-air skill set.

“Most importantly, it affords me the opportunity to expand my media relations horizon during the season, and with major league staff during spring training. It’s exactly the kind of position I’d been hoping for as I began my search this offseason.”

The possibility of working for the Threshers this year first came up at the baseball Winter Meetings. From there, it was an exercise in following up.

“I interviewed for the media relations position at the Winter Meetings in Nashville, and I was told the Threshers were kicking around the idea of having broadcasting as a component of the position,” Gellman-Chomsky explains.

“About a month after the meetings, I called to follow up and learned the Threshers hadn’t filled the position yet. I expressed my interest again in being considered for it. About a week and a half later, AGM Jason Adams called me for a phone interview. A day after that, he called to offer the job.”

Gellman-Chomsky received his start in baseball as a broadcast assistant for the Hickory Crawdads. Last season, he was the broadcaster for the Hudson Valley Renegades, the short season affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.

When it comes to tackling the great job hunt, Gellman-Chomsky says it’s all about having solid teammates to back you up.

“The best thing others in the job market can do is to use any resources available and to stay positive. I was able to lean on my wife, my family and my professional mentors and friends for emotional support and advice. It’s great to have a terrific support system like that in place. And if you’re reading this article, you know you can tap [STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik at any time to be your sounding board and confidant.”

(Visit Ben’s STAA Talent Page).

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