Gellman-Chomsky back in baseball after a year away

Ben Gellman(December 23, 2014) When Ben Gellman-Chomsky was out of baseball last summer, he was disappointed but not defeated. Now he is back in the game. Gellman-Chomsky is the new Broadcasting and Media Relations Assistant for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

The Fisher-Cats are the Class AA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

New Hampshire is Gellman-Chomsky’s first opportunity in double-A ball and he couldn’t be more excited.

“First and foremost, they’re giving me both experience and mentorship in sales, something I’ve wanted for some time. Second, it’s a chance to get back to work in media relations and broadcasting — two areas where I’ve worked hard to develop my skills. I’m also fortunate to be returning to New England, where I went to college (at Brandeis University) and where I still have lots of friends and family.”

Gellman-Chomsky last worked in minor league baseball in 2013 as Lead Broadcaster and Media Relations Assistant with the Clearwater Threshers. He has also worked for the Hudson Valley Renegades and Hickory Crawdads.

Support from family and friends and belief in himself were critical for Gellman-Chomsky as he spent last summer at home instead of at the stadium.

“About a week into April, I noticed I had way too much energy at 6 PM, when I’d have been preparing for a game. I missed broadcasting baseball terribly, but I was blessed to have a number of friends and mentors across Minor League Baseball encouraging me to get back into the job market this year. My family and friends have also been constant sources of support, and I’m so grateful to have them behind me. More than anything, I knew I had the skillset and experience that could make me valuable to a team, and I was determined to show it.”

For other baseball broadcasters who have been out of the game, Gellman-Chomsky suggests strengthening old connections and creating new ones.

“I have to thank the many International League broadcasters (Jeff Levering, Josh Maurer, Patrick Kinas, Ben Wagner, Josh Whetzel, Matt Provence, Will Flemming and Howard Kellman) who put up with me hanging around their booth when I visited them at Durham Bulls home games. Their advice and patience made a big difference for me. I also leaned on my old boss Andrew Buchbinder (now of the Springfield Cardinals), who gives me way more time than I deserve and picks up entirely too many of my calls.”

Gellman-Chomsky also suggests that out-of-work broadcasters stay sharp by any means necessary.

“My options for doing mock broadcasts of minor league baseball games were limited, [so] I turned instead to my living room, using my Playstation 3, an subscription, a microphone and my laptop to do some mock broadcasts of MLB games at home.

“Above all else, stay positive. Channel any frustration into new energy to make yourself better and more valuable to your next employer. I held two temp jobs this year, and used my work at both to enhance my graphic design skills and ability to edit effectively. I can sell myself on way more than just my on-air ability now.

“Coming off a year where I couldn’t get a baseball job, this was a way better outcome than I could have reasonably hoped for.”

(Visit Ben’s website).

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