Froling set to expand play-by-play experience with ESPN 100.9

(September 10, 2018) Blake Froling wasn’t looking for a new job. However, the opportunity to join ESPN 100.9 in Midland, MI as a play-by-play broadcaster and content coordinator was too good to pass up. An STAA member, Froling will be the No. 2 play-by-play voice for the Great Lakes Loons (Class-A Dodgers), broadcast high school sports, podcast, and create various digital content.

Froling moves to Midland after almost two years in Marquette, MI.

“I was just casually reading through the STAA emails, not actively looking for a new job when this one in Midland showed up,” explained Froling. “I had applied for a few jobs earlier in the year and didn’t even get an interview so I was pretty set on staying Marquette for a while. Luckily I loved my job at ESPN UP so I wasn’t in a hurry to move on and could afford to be picky with my next job.”

While working for ESPN UP was a great opportunity, Froling was hungry for more play-by-play.

“I get to expand my play-by-play even more. In the UP, baseball season is very short and our station didn’t broadcast it at all, so I had no way of getting baseball experience outside of muting the TV and practicing in my apartment,” said Froling. “This job in Midland will allow me to do at least 70 home games as the No. 2 broadcaster with the Loons and fill a big hole in my resume. In addition to the play-by-play, my responsibilities will include some media relations in minor league baseball, which is another area in which I wanted experience but had no way of getting.”

One thing Froling especially loved doing in Marquette was high school play-by-play. He’s excited to continue it in his new gig.

“A big part of the job is high school football and basketball play-by-play. That’s something I didn’t want to give up and I’m glad I get to continue to do.

“I’m extremely excited to get started and very grateful that the people with ESPN 100.9 and the Great Lakes Loons gave me this opportunity.”

(Visit Blake’s website).

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