Fritz joining Yahoo! Sports Radio

Brian Fritz(January 29, 2013) Brian Fritz has worked hard to develop both his sports talk and sports update-anchoring skills. Now, his effort has paid off in a way he might never have imagined. An STAA client, Fritz is joining Yahoo! Sports Radio in a capacity that will showcase both skills.

“I will be handling regional sports updates for The Sports Flash Radio Network, which YSR acquired recently, and will also be hosting a national show on the weekends for YSR,” says Fritz.

Since April 2012, six STAA clients have accepted national sports talk radio host positions. Fritz is the fourth to join YSR. Each time, the client got the job after Yahoo! Sports radio Program Director Craig Larson asked STAA CE Jon Chelesnik for recommendations.

“I had been looking at doing something more in sports talk after being a host and/or producer in Orlando, FL for the past 16 years,” says Fritz. “This is that opportunity to take the next step in my career and be able to work on a national level.”

Enhancing the YSR opportunity for Fritz is that he is able to stay home in Orlando, where he will work remotely instead of relocating to YSR’s network headquarters in Houston. Fritz is excited for the opportunity to grow with the network.

“The sky is the limit for YSR as it continues to get bigger and better. Now, I get to be a part of that which is really exciting. Like I said before, I get to work on a national level which is thrilling for me and something I’ve been looking forward to.”

Fritz has called South Florida home since launching his broadcasting career 17 years ago. Since November 2010 he has been at 740 The Game in Orlando, where he is a morning show host/producer. He has also worked in the Orlando Market at ESPN 1080 and Nauticom Sports Network.

“I can honestly say that without STAA and Jon Chelesnik, I probably would not have gotten an opportunity like this and my career would be at a standstill,” says Fritz. “Instead, I’m moving forward with the next chapter of my career with a great job and a very exciting opportunity like this one with YSR.”

(Visit Brian’s STAA Talent Page).

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