Three Tips For Fresh Broadcasts Through A Long Season

It’s the middle of your play-by-play season and you’re feeling the grind to find new things to say about your team and the players on it.

What do you do?

A baseball broadcaster told me, “I find myself struggling to mix things up on an everyday basis. I feel like I’ve already said everything there is to say about a player or team. There’s always talking to the players before each game, but it becomes a struggle to talk to every single player and memorize all that information for the broadcast.”

Here are three tips for keeping your broadcasts fresh during a long season . . .

1. Talk to one, not all

Don’t try to talk to every player before every game. Talk to just one or two before every game.

2. Don’t memorize; organize

Don’t try to memorize information. Start a notebook in Microsoft Word, then collect and update your player bios throughout the season. Note the circumstances that have helped the team and it’s players improve and challenges they’ve overcome each week. What were some turning points?

3. Ask players and coaches about teammates

People open up more, and often have fun, when you ask them to talk about others instead of about themselves. Ask them to describe their teammates and for stories to illustrate those opinions. It can be on and off-field stuff.

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