Prep Sheet (Courtesy of Jesse Goldberg-Strassler)


Score Sheet – Basic
Score Sheet -Advanced (Courtesy of Andrew Smith)
Score Sheet – Running Score (Courtesy of Tyler Springs)
Spotting Board – Version 1
Spotting Board – Version 2
Spotting Board – Version 3 (Courtesy Matt Bishop)
Court Descriptions (Courtesy of Jay Sanderson)
Court Descriptions (Courtesy of Adam Young)
Basketball Glossary (Courtesy of Logan Anderson, Say The Damn Score)


Offense-Defense Chart
Offense-Defense Chart (Courtesy of Tyler Springs)
Offense Chart
Defense Chart
Drive Chart
Stat Sheet/Drive Chart (Courtesy of Andrew Smith; This is a letter-sized version, but it prints best on legal paper)
Descriptors (Courtesy of Jay Sanderson)
Football Glossary (Courtesy of Logan Anderson, Say The Damn Score)


Lineups & Line Chart
Spotting Board
Scoring/Stat Sheets
Scoring/Stat Sheet (Courtesy of Andrew Smith)

Play-by-Play General

STAA Play-by-Play Pyramid


Pitch Diagram (Courtesy Yohn Voker)
Spotting Board
Soccer Terms/Turns of Phrase (Courtesy of Marc Serber)
PBP Descriptors & Terms

Sports Talk

STAA Sports Talk Pyramid
Topic Tree


Volleyball Thesaurus (Courtesy of Adam Young)


Quick Guide to Lacrosse Terms

Several downloads on this page are shared with permission from Barry McKnight, veteran play-by-play voice of the Troy Trojans. Visit Barry’s website at