Football play-by-play: 6 resources to help you prep for the new season

Football play-by-play season is back!

I’ve put together a collection of resources that will help you make this your best season yet.

Football Play-by-Play Spotting Charts and Vocabulary

The STAA Play-by-Play Pyramid, offensive and defensive spotting charts, football vocabulary lists and more!

» Download your freebies right here.

Bushnell Spectator Extra-Wide Binoculars

You no longer have to struggle to see jersey names and numbers. Plus, the field of view is nearly three times as wide as standard binocular. That means you can actually call plays through the glasses!

» Click here to get your binoculars

The Football Thesaurus

Keeping Jesse Goldberg-Strassler’s book with you in the press box will help you vary your vocabulary.

» Get your copy here

Football Play-by-Play Prep Advice From Adam Amin

Adam describes his week of preparation leading up to a college football game.

» See Adam’s advice

Preparation Tips From Joe Davis

Joe has too many tips for just one video on football broadcast prep.

» Watch Part 1

» Watch Part 2

Broadcasters Edge

Okay, Broadcasters Edge has been an advertiser with STAA for many years. The reason for that, though, is because the software is outstanding. Update the info on your play-by-play boards with the push of a button. Use the hours you save to watch practice, talk to coaches and find stories to make your broadcasts better. Play-by-play guys across major college and pro sports use it.

» Click here to learn more

Give it a try

Joining STAA gives you access to a pool of resources to help you polish your play-by-play so you’ll be ready to move up next season.

You might also enjoy these resources:

Memorizing play-by-play rosters. 7 top tricks

Our YouTube football play-by-play playlist featuring Joe Davis, Adam Amin, Wes Durham and Learfield IMG’s Tom Boman.

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links. STAA receives a small commission from items purchased through an affiliate link. There is no additional cost or surcharge to you.

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