How Much Of Your Broadcast Should Focus On Your Opponent?

A play-by-play broadcaster told me his boss gives him grief for talking about the other team, their stories and their players.

He asks, “How much of my play-by-play broadcast should focus on the opponent?

You must spend some time on the opponent.

Your play-by-play broadcast is a story

One team is trying to achieve something; the other is trying to keep them from it.

It’s impossible to tell that story without developing the characters on the other team.

Luke Skywalker is nothing without Darth Vader. And your team’s story is nothing unless you tell the story about the other team and its players.

Develop all the characters in your story

Develop the characters on the other team, the personalities of the “bad guys.” The most compelling stories are the ones with well developed characters – on all sides.

It’s impossible to accurately tell the story of the good guys without also telling the story of the bad guys.

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