Tricks For Finding Sports Broadcasting Employer Email Addresses

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In play-by-play, the giveaway that a broadcaster is ill prepared is when they consistently hesitate to identify players. In the sportscasting job market, the giveaway that someone is insufficiently motivated is complaining that they can’t find an employers contact information.

How do you find email addresses for sports broadcasting employers and executives?

If you are an STAA member, start with the sports radio and TV directories on the STAA Members site. They include contact info for hiring managers at Top 60 market sports radio stations, national radio and TV networks and regional TV outlets.

If you are not an STAA member, refuse to be denied in your search for contact info.

Here are five strategies that will usually get the email you want . . .

1. Websites

Let’s start simple. Look on the employer’s company website. You might have to dig a little bit, but it’s often there. I’m surprised by how many people fail to make this minimal effort.

2. Google it

The answer to everything is on the Internet.

3. Get close

If the employer’s email isn’t on the company website, find someone else’s within the office. The structure of email addresses within a company is usually uniform. Ex: first initial last

4. Guess, then Google

If you can find the suffix for the company’s e-mail address — for example, — there are only a small handful of first initial, first name, last initial, last name, combinations for the prefix. Google the various combinations and you’ll often find which one it is.

5. Call the office

If you can’t find the address online, call the office. Ask whoever answers the phone for the e-mail you seek. Don’t tell them you’re a job seeker, though. Instead, simply state that you’re so-and-so from whatever your current media affiliation is. That gives you credibility. Or tell them that you sent an email to what you thought was the right address but that it bounced back to you so you’re calling to get the right address.

Again: refuse to be denied.

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