Feldman to call UNCC women’s hoops

Josh Feldman(October 8, 2012) Josh Feldman is making a name for himself in North Carolina. An STAA client, Feldman is the new play-by-play voice for UNC Charlotte women’s basketball.

“I’ve been consistently calling football, baseball and volleyball for years now. This job presents a great opportunity to gain high-level experience broadcasting another sport,” Feldman says.

Feldman was recommended for the job at UNC Charlotte by a coworker at his primary broadcasting job with the Kannapolis Intimidators, the Chicago White Sox Class-A affiliate.

“Our official scorer works in the athletic department at Charlotte, and he knew the 49ers needed a women’s basketball broadcaster. I have now worked with him for two years with the Intimidators, so he felt comfortable enough recommending me for the position.”

This is also how I got the opportunity to call volleyball games for another local school. Another Intimidators press box employee is an Assistant SID at Catawba College, and when he heard that I had experience calling volleyball, he hired me to broadcast their matches this fall.

Feldman will remain as Director of Media Relations for the Kannapolis Intimidators during basketball season, thanks to a close commute to UNC Charlotte.

“I’m still able to work during the week for the baseball team (selling tickets/sponsorships and planning promotions), and then call basketball games during the baseball offseason.”

Feldman, a USC graduate and an STAA client for nearly three years, has been in North Carolina for almost two years now. He is happy the area is becoming home. “I’m really looking forward to the idea that I’m becoming an area broadcaster.

“While some broadcasters have to spend certain sports seasons in different parts of the country, I’m trying to become a voice that folks in our community can get used to hearing, and hopefully that will raise my profile and lead to bigger and better broadcast opportunities in the future.”

(Visit Josh’s STAA Talent Page).

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