SCP 11: The fast track to a Major League Baseball job

how-to-get-a-major-league-play-by-play-jobFour years ago, Jared Sandler was preparing to graduate from the University of Southern California. Today, he is the pre and post-game host and fill-in play-by-play broadcaster for the Texas Rangers.

There is nothing proprietary or exclusive in the way Jared accelerated from campus to the Majors. What it is is a smart combination of many different things — things that you can do.

In this STAA podcast episode, Jared shares fabulous insight into how he made it to the Majors in less time than it takes many sportscasters to finish college.

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Among the topics we cover:

  • The 4 people who Jared says have had a particular impact on his career
  • How he builds and maintains the relationships that keep his career moving forward
  • The suggestions that have made the greatest difference in Jared’s play-by-play
  • The influence of the Padres Ted Leitner on Jared, even though they have never met
  • The major risk Jared took in his career and why he suggests others consider it too
  • Jarod’s random ways of practicing his play-by-play

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  1. From college to MLB in 4 years, Sandler joins Rangers | Sportscasters Talent Agency of America

    […] The opportunity came because Sandler had faith in himself and was willing to take a risk. […]


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