Considering family when planning your next career move

When I was a senior in college, one of my sports broadcasting mentors told me to stay single as long as I could. He said the frequent moves and minimal pay weren’t conducive to a good marriage. He also said that marriage wasn’t conducive to a good sports broadcasting career. It can limit your freedom to go where the jobs are.

career and family

Planning your next career move is totally different when you are married, especially if you have kids. You are no longer making decisions unilaterally. You no longer have the freedom to go wherever you want. “What does this move do for my career” suddenly becomes a secondary consideration.

Married sports broadcasters have a totally new set of considerations:

  • Can I support my family on this income?
  • What are the chances my spouse can find work in the new location?
  • Is my spouse willing to live here?
  • How happy is my spouse going to be?
  • If my spouse is compromising on my behalf, might it lead to resentment?
  • What will be the emotional impact on my kids be, leaving their friends and school?

I was lucky. At different times during my own sports broadcasting career, my wife and I faced the prospect of moving from San Diego to places like Boston, Little Rock and Baton Rouge. My wife was always 100% on board with wherever we might have to go. Not all sportscasters have such unwavering support.

My advice to married sportscasters who are considering a move is this:

Give equal or more weight to your spouse’s desires. A good marriage is even more fulfilling than a good career.

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