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Time: 3 hours, 19 minutes
Format: MP3 Download

ESPN Radio GM Bruce Gilbert, ESPN play-by-play broadcaster Jim Durham, veteran NFL, NBA voice Howard David, ESPN 1000 PD Jeff Schwartz and others provide a clear path to achieving your sportscasting goals.

Download this exclusive sportscasting seminar now if you:
• Aspire to be a national sports talk host
• Want to call NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL games
• Desire to improve your sportscasting skills

  • Topics Preview
  • What ESPN looks for in a hire
  • What network executives want on your demo and resume
  • Common questions in the job interview
  • Questions you should ask in the job interview
  • Four things to never say in a job interview
  • What makes an elite play-by-play broadcaster
  • Four keys to play-by-play success
  • Play-by-play do’s and don’ts
  • What makes an entertaining talk show
  • Secrets for making your show better
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of interviewing
  • How to ask the tough questions in an interview
  • How to produce a quality demo CD
  • How to separate yourself from the pack
  • Things that your demo, resume and cover letter need to include
  • How to break into sports broadcasting
  • Much, much more!